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The Technology services serves as a building bridge between businesses, investors, stakeholders, authorities, and end users, thereby bring a lot of value to the entire system.

When you're Looking to expand beyond your current region, new markets and regions are definitely an option. The current situation has hastened what was a gradual move for a lot of brick & mortar businesses. This has in turn, created an enormous opportunities to provide IT - support to these businesses which need help desperately to stay relevant in retaining existing clients and drawing in new customers.

In fact, with more people using online for even mundane services like grocery shopping or ordering a pizza, online is going to be the norm for businesses.

Barriers to Entry

Having said that there are incredible opportunities, there are several challenges as well. Such as:


1. You're An Unknown: These businesses do not know about you or what type of businesses you provide. Unless you have a long-track record for businesses in the area, you are fighting against one of the hardest issues - you're an unknown entity

2. The Perception Pain: Most small businesses have strong reservations against off-shore companies. It is not an intentional bias, but it has been the result of horror stories of companies taking the money but not providing any service or a very poor quality of service.

3. The Timezone Turbulence: One Big Grouse that businesses who deal with offshore service providers is the long time it takes for their technical issues to be sorted. As most of the technical team is offshore and works in the day(for service providers) there is no technical competency or very little in the night, with only marketing guys manning the support line.

4. The Price Bias: As costs for offshore companies are quite low, the businesses get the impression that they can push them to cut their prices further, which affects the performance of the service companies, which then have to make a decision to compromise with either price or quality of services.


What then happens is that many of the entrepreneurs see it as a very tedious and intensive task. Many feel discouraged and then are just content to work through in their original markets or list their awesome tools and/or services on a website marketplace, hoping that their goods will gain traction and will bring new users and customers. However, all it does is may be get a few customers before sinking without a trace. By the time this happens, there are newer tools available similar to theirs which are getting sales. And they begin to wonder if they did everything(they did not) or was it the right step in the first place (but was poorly ex ecuted).

It is time for that disappointment to End!

What We can do for You?

Better engagement along with a local touch with prospects

Businesses will be wary with you if you try to approach them without a local presence. We can be the bridge between your services and your new prospects. We have found from experience that local businesses want a local presence to be assured . We can help you have a local presence so you can have more chances of prospects converting and opting for your services.

Conversations that prompt users to Conversations

Many times the prospects do not end up converting for the simple reason that the services team do not have the ability to close the deal locally. Moreover, due to absence of a local contact, they have to let go of a bigger contract. We can help you in making sure your prospects see you as the ideal and the only solution to solve their business problem. We can take meetings on your behalf to increase the chances to win over customers for you.

Timely Service that cements long term Relationships

A major complaint we have seen and experienced is the lack of technical support from overseas team in the day time. They mostly have marketing team during this time which makes business sense for the overseas companies but is of little use to the This is a deal breaker for small businesses that operate and serve local customers. So, it is no surprise that they need quick solutions to their problems, be it a customer care issue or inventory management. We can provide your customers with a world class support that is local and fitted to their tastes, thereby a win-win for both you and your customers

Getting Rid of the Price bias

One of the issues we have seen overseas companies face is the low renumerations they are constrained to accept. This is more severe if the service companies are from low-income and developing countries. Thus, they may not or do not get paid on par with their competitors, even though in many cases they may be providing just as good or even better services. With our help we help you break through that limitations and even with a little rise in costs, the net renumeration to your company is higher.

Helping you Protect your IP rights

It can be surprising how most companies underestimate the menace of the flagrant abuses of their intellectual property. Today, where data and business logic are important to the success of the business, companies are working hard to use them to generate revenues. So, your Intellectual Property, especially if it can make more money or save time or both, carry a great deal of value. However, most overseas business do not have any option to file a complain and follow through in cases where their IP rights are being violated. We help in getting you the required help in defending your IP and pursue remedial actions.

There are different avenues that business may need technology support, such as :

Payment Systems

Inventory & Warehousing

Website Building & Maintenance

Customer Care

Shipping & Returns

Content creation, Publishing & Marketing

Research & Development

Planning & HR

Video Editing & publishing

Online Catalog

Legal & Compliance

Integration Services

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