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The health supplement market is a big arena in which enterprising companies with the right guidance can bring a lot of value to the customers.

Health Supplements- Supplementing Nutrition

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US Dietary supplement market(2016-2024)


As per statista, the US dietary supplement market alone is growing an average of 9.6% per year and it is estimated to grow from $35.9 Billion in 2018 to $56.7 Billion in 2024.This trend is poised to grow further as time progresses.

The global market is worth more than $290 Billion and is slated to grow as more people become aware of their health and quality of life rises across the globe.

Barriers to Entry


All enterprising business owners who have perfected their business operations wish to expand their reach beyond their region. Entry into newer markets to further increase revenue is an obvious and normal progression. They have a good product line and are excited with the new opportunities. But then they :

  1. Realize the task for entering into the market comes with a long list of mandatory tasks, and
  2. Realize the tedious nature and a need to be ever aware of any policy change by the regulators
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What then happens is that many of the entrepreneurs see it as a very tedious intensive task, and then are just content to work through in their original markets or just are content to entrust a third party seller, most often an online platform, without ever being able to make an impact in the market, that they would have if they could brand and market their product/services.

What We can do for You?

Overseas business establishment & Regulatory Processes

We advice you on how to negotiate the tough waters, address your needs as well as the regulatory compliance.

Pre shipment assessment & support:

We provide you with the necessary guidance needed and the steps you need to undertake to be able to be permitted commerce.

Import regulations & communication:

An important step in your ability to sell in foreign markets is the ability to get your shipments through customs and regulatory agencies in time without any issues.

Warehousing & fulfillment support:

We provide assisitance in identifying strategic warehousing locations that would reduce customer wait times. Robust and quick turnaround fulfillment process can bring your first time customers into long term repeat buyers.

Sales, promotion & Digital Growth:

Availability of multiple channels to promote and sell your products, making your end customers happy. We also can give your business a headstart that would help you grow fast. To know what is possible, just click to connect with our growth portal at


Let us see if we can make a difference in jumpstarting your growth in the new market, and help you hit your growth targets faster.


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